RES Inc., provides Planned Maintenance agreements for local restaurants, assisted living care centers, schools districts, business corporation sites, and major food chains. Our PM ensures the trust our customers give us in all Kitchen Equipment, Refrigeration and HVAC. We verify that all units operate at maximum efficiency. Our PM programs have specific benefits by: ensuring food safety requirements; prolonging longevity of your equipment; and upholding the manufacturer warranty and third party provider compliance standards.

Why Planned Maintenance?

You can trust that RES Inc., excels at providing the top notch level of Planned Maintenance service. With a reoccurring agreement for maintenance; our technicians can catch minor problems before they turn into a costly repair. The advantage to you is that a P.M. can keep your equipment operating at optimal performance and maximum efficiency which will likely reduce emergency repairs.

Payment Options:

Cash, Check, Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Net Terms: As a preferred P.M. Customer: you can qualify on terms with RES EZ Pay***.  Terms are set according to credit approval, P.M. frequency, and scheduled payment options.

RES EZ Pay***
allows for a scheduled Quarterly P.M. payment to be broken down over consecutive months so that budgeting maintenance expenses are made easy and affordable.
***With Approved Credit: subject to terms and conditions.

RES Inc. Provides:

  1. Scheduled Maintenance options: Annual, Bi-annual, Quarterly, Bi-monthly.
  2. Complete or Partial: Cooking; Refrigeration; HVAC.
  3. Discounted labor rate and Preferred Priority Customer Status- with quick response for service.
  4. Thorough documentation of PM findings: giving you up to date information on your equipment's performance.